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Why partner with CTN?

Every child when given an education opportunity, they can realize their future dream of becoming an accountant, teacher, medical doctor, engineer, pilot, engineer, community leader  to mention but a few. Most children in Kisoga, Mukono district, Uganda are not able to receive education due to high levels of poverty. CTN is keen at partnering with persons of goodwill to ensure that children attain education which in the long run changes not only a family but a community as whole.

You only need to donate $45 a month to help in shaping a change agent in Uganda, your donation of $45 will help in catering for school fees for a child in a good private school, feeding, medical care, scholastic materials and mentoring sessions .CTN appreciated along term relationship with a sponsor and the child since in most cases a child will regard the sponsor as their God given parent. Therefore Sponsoring goes beyond money but also includes loving, communicating and praying for the child.

 One-time donation

 Over time some partners have preferred giving once in a long time, this is welcome as well since it also has a positive impact on the life of a child and family. You will also be assured that the operational costs for the organisation are mobilised separately and so 100% of your donation will be used as specified and desired by you.

This is what your one time donation can do:

  • •An animal to rear as it supports meeting the basic needs of a child at home ( for example you can donate a pig, goat, cow and money to help family start a poultry project)
  • •A seasonal gift of your choice (this can be clothes, scholastic materials, building materials, money, etc)
  • •One year fees donation
  • •Holiday feeding program
  • •Mentoring/leadership training program
  • •Malaria prevention (mosquito nets)
  • •Operational Expenses
  • •A gift of your own choice
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