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Get Your Organization Involved

As a professional you have an opportunity to give part of your savings, salary increments, bonuses, using part of your leave to volunteer and so on. You also have a chance of talking to your colleagues at work to support accordingly. Introducing CTN to the management team of your organisation is also a wonderful thing to consider. What about if you are a board member, director, shareholder or pastor? This would be an opportunity for you to mobilise members of your team but also individually partner with us to change lives of poor children by offering them an education gift. 

Either way, the involvement of your organisation or as an individual will help children who do not have sponsors but are in dire need for quality education and health care. This may also mean doing group sponsorship or supporting one of the CTN initiatives. You will be assured that whatever decision you make will definitely change the lives of many poor children in Kisoga, Uganda. 

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