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Become an advocate

The biggest service for you to ever do for CTN is to share the story of what it is doing in the local communities in Uganda to raise the hope of the poor children who desire to attend school and realise their dreams.

When you share the story, many persons of goodwill come to know about CTN and develop the interest of coming to visit the projects but also to give hope to a child by supporting them at school and volunteering in the project.

Most importantly when the story is shared, you win an individual to being a family member and part of what God is doing in the lives of children in Kisoga, Mukuno, Uganda

One can also be an advocate by offering a prayer for God to avail more people to support our efforts in different ways especially spiritually and financially. The community work CTN does cannot be possible without a team of men and women standing together to server. Together we can do much. 

Will you consider joining the team? 

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