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CTN Uganda

The organization employs a pycho-social, practical, realistic and measurable approach,. In its approach, she closely works and engages local community leaders in order to realize its objectives. Its main objective is to economically empower the common person at the grassroots level.

The organization adopts a problem solving practical approach using Entrepreneurship Skills that stress empowerment and community sustainable development as the best long term, viable and strategic option for poverty eradication. To date, this approach has been very effective in slum areas of Makerere, Kasubi and Namungona in Kampala and rural areas of Mukono and Nakasongola district where the organization operates.

It addresses the problem of poverty, lack of Business Entrepreneurship Skills and lack of Economic Empowerment, which has kept the majority of Ugandan citizens in absolute poverty with a unique approach. CTN carries out a number of projects like Village Enterprise Initiative, Women Economic Empowerment, Child Economic Empowerment, Business Entrepreneurship, Adult Education, Computer Training and Peace Building. All projects aim at economic empowerment since it is realized that this is the only practical way of eliminating abject poverty among local community members.