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Kamulegeya Edward

Kamulegeya Edward

CTN started supporting Edward when he was 12 years of age and he was given two pigs in 2008 which have since become a source of livelihood to his family. The family keeps selling piglets as they pay his school fees but also diversifying in other projects from the profit realized from sales. The family also now has a project of over 30 local chicken and three goats additional to the piggery project as their source of income.

Despite his single mother being a Muslim, she insisted that she can rear pigs and focus on educating her child. With this kind of determination, CTN is happy to continue supporting Edward to foster his education dream

Edward is currently in form Six and his best subject is mathematics, he hopes to pass and go the university to pursue his dream of becoming an accountant. He is also the team leader for the rest of the supported children and possesses special leadership skills.

Together let us help mold an accountant from a poor family background.

You can help in making it possible for Edward to become an accountant by donating 200$ per month to pay his university fees, accommodation, scholastic materials, health care needs and other related costs.