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Justine Nabawanda

CTN started supporting Justine when she was 8 years of age, she was given two pigs as startup capital in 2008. The pigs have since multiplied and her single mother keeps selling the piglets to take Justine to school as she maintains some pigs for multiplication purposes. Since it is CTN’s culture to encourage beneficiaries to diversify, the mother has also diversified into rearing goats as an additional family income.

Her single mother finds it difficult to keep supporting Justine and the rest of her many siblings in school since both the piggery and goats projects are getting drained as school demands keep growing.  Justine’s mother is therefore appealing to CTN to get a sponsor for Justine to enable her proceeded with her studies. 

Justine is now 15 years old and currently in Senior One, her best subject is English, she hopes to pursue her dream of becoming a Lawyer. Her biggest desire is to bring justice to many children that are mistreated in her community. She is hard working and focused, we therefore have no doubt that when supported in school she can realize her dream of becoming a Lawyer and change her community. 

You can help in making it possible  by donating 45$ per month to pay his Secondary school fees, meals at school, scholastic materials, health care needs and other related costs.