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Junior Kalema

CTN started supporting Junior when he was 8 years of age and he was given two pigs in 2009 which have since become a source of livelihood to his family. The family has since diversified into mental welding workshop business since the father had initially trained in Metal Fabrications. The family still keeps pigs as a complimentary family income and this has been able to keep Junior and his sibling at school. 

Junior is currently 14 years old and he is in Primary Five, his best interest is to become a Mechanical Engineer. He is hard working and focused to what he does and we have no doubt that if well supported Junior can realize his childhood dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer.

He focuses on sharpening his welding skills during holidays as he supports the father to manage the family welding business. 

Together let us help mold a Mechanical Engineer from a poor family background.

You can help in making it possible for Junior to become A Mechanical Engineer by donating 45$ per month to pay his Primary School fees, scholastic materials,  meals, health care needs and other related costs.