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Enoch Muwanguzi

CTN started supporting Enoch when he was 1 year of age, he was given a pig as startup capital in 2008, this was the youngest beneficiary and this has helped him since the pigs had to first multiply as he grows to start school. The pigs have since multiplied and continued to support him in school. 

His Grandmother has also been able to diversify and rear chicken and cows as an additional family income activity.  The biggest challenge is that Enoch was orphaned with several siblings and so the Grandmother can hardly afford taking all the orphans to school.

Enoch is now 8 years and he is currently in Primary Four, he loves studies and his dream is to become a Pilot. The Grandmother is appealing to CTN to find Enoch a sponsor to continue in school.

Together let us help mold a Pilot from a poor family background.

You can help in making it possible for Enoch to become a Pilot by donating 45$ per month to pay his primary school fees, meals at school, scholastic materials, health care needs and other related costs.