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Working with other development partners to empower communities with resources and skills through community mobilization and awareness to bring about sustainable community transformation and development as we create leaders who are equipped with practical skills and a will to serve their communities. 


To enable communities achieve sustainable socio-economic development through education and vocational skills.

Our Values

Accountability: CTN is committed to preparing annual audited accounts to its partners and board members. We also account to the beneficiaries and communities where we operate. Each donation given is utilised as directed by a respective donor or sponsor.

Resourcefulness: Whereas it is important for us to fundraise and support communities, it is also our responsibility to cultivate a sense of hard work in our beneficiaries which brings about self-reliance as well the ability to use the best approach possible to utilise available resources within their reach.

Long term commitment: We are committed to our partners, beneficiaries and communities on a long term basis since we believe that it is our calling to love and change communities.

Sustainability:  Those in need are many and can never be exhausted, CTN therefore is keen at empowering beneficiaries to be able to give back so that more beneficiaries can be supported using scarce resources. We are also strong to value for money approach as we give support.