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CTN Vocational Training Program


CTN Vocational Training Program.

Whereas each parent would be happy for their child to be supported to attain a degree and qualify as a Medical Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, Engineer and so on, this may not be possible since these children are gifted differently. Some children are good at academics and can make it to those prestigious qualifications whereas others are gifted at practical or hands-on skills courses like Carpentry, Welding, Bricklaying, Tailoring, Car repairing, etc. 

Vocational Training is also the easiest way of Job creation since it is an area that is not so much flooded and since CTN focuses as well at job creation this is a very good area to explore in order to reduce high levels of an employment among the youth in the country.

It is therefore a good opportunity for you to donate towards enabling a child attain a qualification in a Two Year Vocational Skills Course as we reduce both poverty and un employment among poor communities in Kisoga, Mukono District . 

Donate 45$ as a monthly contribution to enable educate a child to a Vocational School.