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Leadership and Mentorship Program

Whereas we are happy to take children to school and attain a bright future through education, we are also very interested in developing and shaping Leadership Skills in the children we sponsor. It is common knowledge that the major problem of Uganda is not lack of natural resources but poor leadership, bad attitude and high corruption levels. This has continually created a continental problem and this explains why there is a big challenge of failed education, health and infrastructure.

The African continent for a fact is not impoverished because of lack of natural resources, this is a big no. Africa continues to lack because of bad leadership characterized with corruption and selfishness. It is therefore CTN’s passion through its leadership and mentorship Program to ensure that values are inculcated in the young children at an early age. Through the program, we train children the principles of leadership and habits of highly effective people.

So you can give towards this program. We hold two training sessions in each term holiday and therefore do six Leadership Training sessions per year.

Give 200$ to enable a Training session.

Your donation enables provision of meals, refreshments, training materials and hire of a venue.